Alessio Periloso

Yubiserve 3.0

The YubiServe project reaches version 3.0.
Along with some bugfixes, both the HTTPS/SSL and the optional MySQL support have been added.
The YubiServe Validation server is now production ready.
All the configurations can be made into a separate configuration file, and the HTTPS/SSL support allows a more confidential server connection. And, of course, the server certificate is customizable.

So, with version 3.0, these are the main features:

  • It is an integrated web appliance to authenticate tokens. It supports both OATH Tokens and Yubico Yubikeys.
  • Simple to use
  • Integrated web appliance, so, no apache, java, php or mysql installation is required
  • Threaded webserver for improved performances
  • Optional MySQL Server support added with version 3.0
  • HTTPS/SSL Support added with version 2.9
  • 100% compatible with Yubico validation protocol 2.0
  • HMAC SHA-1 signatures to authenticate the server response using your API Key
  • Delayed OTP checks (Yubico Yubikey only: OATH implementation doesn’t allow such check)

More informations and source code at Google Code Project: Yubico-YubiServe

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