Alessio Periloso


EasyTVDB: A powerful library implementation for TheTVDB database, written in python
All the other libraries using TheTVDB database didn’t fit my needs, so i wrote my own library. All is based upon keeping it simple. The library uses an implementation using dictionaries, so it’s very easy to get the information from it.

Information contained in the dictionaries:

  • TV Series information
  • Episodes (with thumbnails)
  • Actors information (with thumbnails)
  • Banners
  • Fanart

Special features implemented

  • Caching (if you ask twice for the same series, it doesn’t need to fetch the information again… but if you need it, you can override it too!)
  • TV Series name match evaluation with percentage and main information about the series
  • Only 5k of (simple!) code
  • Documentation examples to show how does it works!

Class declaration:
easytv = EasyTVDB(api_key)

Search for a show:
showlist = easytv.findShow('lie to me')

Retrieve tv series information:
series = easytv.tvshowToDict(show_id)

Access to tv series information:

Retrieve the cached dictionary:
See the example contained into the library to try it!

More information and source code at Google Code Project: easytvdb

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