Alessio Periloso

YubiServe – Lightweight Yubikey OTP Validation Server

YubiServe is a lightweight Yubikey OTP Validation Server, written using php (api), python (console backend) and using an SQLite database.

NOTE: This version has been superseded by YubiServe 2.0. Check it out!

Many servers have been made by Yubico, but none of them has been thought to be used with a small number of users or keys.

This server uses an optimized small sqlite database, useful when you want to pretect your own servers, services, tools… and don’t want to rely upon internet connection.
Personally, my purpose is to use it on a pool of virtual machines, to manage my authentication locally intead of using Yubico services.

It has been published under GNU license; except some parts of the file “yubiserve-utils.php”, made by Simon Josefsson for Yubico AB, whose parts are copyrighted.

Feel free to use or edit it!
More informations about installation are into README file.

More informations and source code at Google Code Project: YubiServe

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